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Tuesday 30th January

20.00 – Early registration & Dealmakers Dinner

23.00 – Flight Cap hosted by The Registry of Aruba

Wednesday 31st January

08.30 – Registration and refreshments

09.20 – Opening remarks

Jay Tooker, HFW

09.30 – Selling yachts in 2018
Who are the buyers?
Will we see an increase in new buyers?
Preowned vs new

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Superyacht Investor
Jim Acher, Bluewater
Vassilis Fotilas, Fraser
Andrey Lomakin, West Nautical
David Seal, Northrop & Johnson
Jamie Edmiston, Edmiston
David Westwood, Thompson Westwood White Yachts

10.20 – Making buying simpler
Could standard contracts work with new builds?
Do lawyers make buying more adversarial?
Reducing pre-delivery issues

Tony Allen, Hill Dickinson
Andrew Charlier, Ince & Co
Jay Tooker, HFW

11.10 – Morning Coffee hosted by HFW

11.40 – Yacht management 2018
Do owners appreciate what yacht managers do for them?
Are we facing a crew shortage?
Do bigger managers get economies of scale?

Moderator: Oliver Blanchett, BNP Paribas
Richie Blake, Döhle Yachts
Roberto Giorgi, Fraser
Jacqueline Lyne, Edmiston
Richard Masters, Master Yachts
Dean Smith, Royale Oceanic
Janet Xanthopoulos, Rosemont Yacht Management

12.20 – Is the submersible market heading down?
How big is the market?
How low can you go?
Designing yachts for submarine operations
What you need to know

Louise Harrison, Triton

12.40 – Lunch hosted by Vistra Marine & Aviation

14.00 – The future is fractional
Why the timing is right now
Lessons from other industries
Changing attitudes to ownership
Clever investment

Andrea Pezzini, Floating Life
Barbara Tambani, Floating Life

14.30 – Yacht charter and the sharing economy
Is charter the future for yachting?
Is yachting still cool?
Can you make money owning yachts for charter?

Moderator: Anthony Galea, Vistra Marine & Aviation
Michaela Beitz Biggi, Edmiston
Tim Clark, MySea
Fiona Maureso, Northrop & Johnson
Geoff Moore, West Nautical

15.10 When MOAs become Memorandum of Disagreements
Avoiding disputes
What can you do when everything goes wrong

Alistair Feeney, HFW

15.30 Afternoon tea hosted by HFW

16.00 The refit market
Is this the real growth market?
Should yards protect their brands
What is the economic life of a yacht?

Moderator: Jim Acher, Bluewater
Marcela de Kern Royer, ICON Yachts
Stephen Hills, Pendennis
Holger Kahl, Nobiskrug

16.40 – Don’t panic – crisis management
Do yacht masters really know how to manage all aspects of an incident?
Putting it on-the-line – dealing with social media
Can you really audit systems?

Moderator: Tom Walters, HFW
Richie Blake, Döhle Yachts
Mark Thompson, HFW

17.20 – Everything you need to know about yacht design – in 20 minutes
Nothing is new
Managing the owner relationship

Martin Francis, Francis Design

17.45 – Closing remarks

Alasdair Whyte, Superyacht Investor

18.00 – Cocktail reception hosted by The Marshall Islands Registry

20.00 – Historic Public House Tour hosted by The Malta Ship Registry

Thursday 1st February

09.00 – Morning refreshments

 09.20 – Day two opening remarks

 09.30 – Building yachts in 2018
Is this the year demand returns?
Can yachts keep getting bigger?
Should yards concentrate more on after-sale?

Moderator: Jay Tooker, HFW
Vasco Buonpensiere, Cantiere delle Marche
Rose Damen, Amels – Damen
Fulvio Dodich, Rosetti Superyachts
Toby Walker, Benetti


10.10 – The rise of billionaires 2008-2018 versus the fall in new yacht buyers
Where did all the buyers go?
Is China the issue?
Can you forecast yacht sales – or are they the ultimate Veblen good?

Vincent White, Wealth-X Institute

10:30 – Morning Coffee

11.00 – Is the US driving the global market?
Has there been a Trump bump?
What could Europe learn from the US market?
Bob Denison, Denison Yachting
Jim Simpson, First Republic Bank

11.40 – When bad things happen to good yachts…

The best ways to protect your yacht from natural disaster
Do hurricane clauses work?
How to protect your toys on board? Art, Helicopters, submersibles

Moderator: Alex Kemp, HFW
Jens Ploch, Pantaenius Yacht Insurance
Mark Feltham, Willis Towers Watson
Ben Lind, AIG
Peter Mellett, BankServe
Mike Taylor-West, La Playa UK

 12.20 – Financing yachting companies
Are most individual investors buying a brand rather than returns?
Attracting private equity
Floating yachting companies

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Superyacht Investor
Kiran Haslam, Princess Yachts
Anthony Moore, Momentum Superyacht Group
Paul Fleming, Fleming Private Office

12.50 Lunch

14.00 – Is there a shortage of finance?
Where have all the asset-lenders gone?
Why private banks offer yacht finance
How can banks minimise losses?

Moderator: Elinor Dautlich, HFW
Oliver Blanchet, BNP Paribas
Andy Blundell, Close Brothers
Michel Buffat, Credit Suisse
Robin Clayton, Investec

14.40 – Yachting in the EU (and Brexit…)
Does anyone know what is going on?
How will it affect the Isle of Man?
Who will be the winners?
Latest jurisdiction updates
What will happen to VAT?
Are seizures rising?

Moderator: Alasdair Whyte, Superyacht Investor
Nic Arnold, PWC
Patrick Bachofner, Marshall Islands
Stephen Attard, GANADO
Ivan Sammut, Transport Malta


15.20 Adventure awaits
Are there enough yachts to support the growing trend for adventurous charters?
How is it affecting the charter market?
Are there trends towards particular locations?
What are the risks?

Moderator: William MacLachlan, HFW
Henry Cookson, Henry Cookson Adventures
Laurent Debart, Yachting Partners International
Tim Soper, EYOS Expeditions

16.00 Afternoon tea

 16.20 Helicopters on yachts: When two markets come together
How big is the market?
Operational issues for both sides
What should buyers worry about?

Don Lockie, Redfort Group
Frederic Lemos, Airbus
Nigel Watson, Luviair

17.00 – Closing remarks

 17.10 – Afternoon tea and drinks.